Level 2 Children & Young Peoples Workforce - 2017 - 18 - 19 

 I have enjoyed completing this level 2 course, have learnt a lot of things that I wish I had sooner. Kym has been a fab tutor. Will look at doing the Level 3 in the future.


Thoroughly enjoyed doing the course, Kym is amazing, thank you so much for all your help and guidance


Thank you for everything Kym, Trina

Thanks for the constant information and helping me to understand everything


This course di more for me than just educate me. It has improved my confidence massively and gotten me out of a rut that I had got myself in. Thoroughly enjoyed it, I am coming away with a sense of self pride and achievement. Thank you so much


Kym really  helped me with the work supported me and made sure i succeed when i was struggling she always explained it in an easier way. Thank you Kym and Amy for your help - its got me a job!!


Kym and Amy helped me when I was unsure of what to put down. I had fun and learning about children


Kym has helped me to achieve this course which i didn't think i would of at the beginning. Thank you ever so much for all your help, I have learnt a lot and will continue in childcare and fulfil my goal. Thanks for all the help and Amy too


I found the course very informative and have learnt a lot, I have completed Paediatric First Aid, Risky Play and Playing with the elements. I have become qualified, have a job and am now doing my Level 3


I learned a lot in childcare Level 2 its made me want to learn more so I am now improving my maths and English Thank you Kym


I've enjoyed getting back into studying and proud that I've completed Level 2. I'm looking forward to doing Level 3 with Kym

Sarah S

I've enjoyed this course and its helped me to get into volunteering within a school and I hope to get back into paid employment within the school -working with children 


I found the course good. It has given me an eye opener to the childcare area of work and in general the care aspects of children. The course made me happier that I would be able to be confident working with children and one day having my own. I have learnt a lot on this course. I want to go on to the next level or Health & Social Care.


Was fab!!! learnt loads and Kym has been so helpful


Thank you Kym


The course was excellent and fun I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot


I learnt a lot from this course and I am very pleased I have completed it. Thank you, to Kym for her patience's and understanding through out


I have learnt so much from this course and its really helped me to gain an understanding of the job I do. I am forever grateful to Kym for being super patient, kind and super helpful to me. Thank you so much.


The course as very helpful in developing my practice and awareness on child development. Well done Kym for your patience and perseverance with my workload and trying to get to sessions

Thank you Kym









Level 3 Early Years Practitioner


I had great help from Kym, she was always  available on the phone - I passed and now have my dream job


Kym was very kind and supportive - i loved meeting up with her and the other learners monthly and i achieved the qualification in 11 months great support cant recommend Kym enough. I feel I want to do it again as we had fun - well not the work



Kym is a fantastic tutor and has given me full support and encouragement during the Course.  She made me feel very confident in contacting her and asking for help which made me feel a lot more confident in my course and my levels of ability.  The course has given me the encouragement that I needed to apply for a teaching degree at a University of my choice.

Kym gave me a really positive reference which led on to me getting accepted and will start in September 2016 to fulfil my dreams of becoming a teacher.  Freya.



Level 2 Child and Young Peoples Workforce - Exeter 2016

I have enjoyed doing the course and have had great support from Kym. I  have gained the qualification I need for my future carer and am looking forward to progressing on to Level 3.  Lauren


I have had a good time meeting new people and learning loads of new things I didn't know and expanding my experiences and knowledge and look forward to continue my learning onto level 3 with Kym and the familiar faces.  Jess 


I have enjoyed the course and liked all the people on the course, I feel I have learnt a lot and cant wait to do Level 3. Jessica


I have enjoyed the learning, Kym has been knowledgeable and supportive and the whole group have been really supportive of each other. I am also looking forward to Level 3. Jane


Have enjoyed the course, lots of support from Kym and all the people on the course. Looking forward to going onto do my Level 3. Sarah


Loved the course, a good laugh, learnt loads, looking forward to doing the level 3 with the same girls and Kym.  Amanda.


Enjoyed the course had a good laugh with everyone and I've learnt so much, the tutor is great and looking forward to Level 3 next. Kelly.


I have learnt a lot about the course and its given me another out look on life and Childcare. Jess D.



Level 2 Health and Social Care - Torquay 2015/6

I have really enjoyed doing the NVQ2  and have not only updated my knowledge but my confidence has built and because of this I now have a job in a care home. Thank you Kym for helping me get through.  Naomi


I have really enjoyed study for Level 2 and as well as updating my knowledge.  This course has boosted my confidence in my volunteering role with the Drug and Alcohol Service and will improve my chances of full time employment in the future.  I found Kym to be very helpful in achieving this , many thanks. Steve



Level 2 Child and Young Peoples Workforce - Teignmouth 2015/16

Kym Lee is a fantastic tutor. I am extremely sure in knowing Kym is behind me all the way through my course offering all support possible and is giving me the confidence and reassurance in my ability to complete this course. Thanks to Kym I now have a job working in a pre school.
The course itself is informative and I am enjoying the learning experience.


Kym was a very easy going tutor which meant it was easy to talk to her if you had any problems. She kept the course interesting even though it was a struggle at times due to the lack of concentration from some students. She had a lot of patience which she definitely needed at times.
The course was interesting and fun, especially our creative session. There was always a relaxed atmosphere which made learning more enjoyable. It was great that it was local too as it meant there wasn't time wasted travelling


I enjoyed the course as it's what I wanted to do and it's helped me not only with understanding things more for my personal life but also with the job I've gained from it. The venue did it's job and it was a good size for everyone to sit included x


I am really happy I done this course, it's given me the knowledge I needed and the confidence to start working in childcare. Having the sessions with kym to talk about the units was a huge help to understand the areas within the different units. I did struggle sometimes with the spec question just because of the way their written but kym would explain them. I really enjoyed doing the first aid as I've been want to get first aid training for years and now feel confident to help a child if it came to it. The venue was fine abit cold sometimes though and a couple of time the electric kept cutting out. I worried about starting this course (a week later then others) as I'm quite shy and that I wouldn't be able to complete it but kym made me feel welcome and was always there to help with me with any questions I had and I am wanting to continue learning with Kyms guidance onto my level 3.


I found the course really good and I learnt loads from doing this course. All the units were explained and talked through which helped me to be able to complete the work.
The venue that we started off at was ok to start with, but as the weather got cold the room we were in was freezing and learning was made difficult as I was too cold to concentrate. After speaking to the tutor she took on board spoke and requested heating to the manager of the venue but sadly no notice was taken. So my tutor Kym cancelled that venue to take us to a venue with adequate heating so we could complete the course in comfort.
I have to say without the tutors dedication to me As a pupil and always being there for advice if it wasn't for that I do believe I would of quit and would not of gained this certificate.
I cannot praise hele hub enough and I look forward to going onto my level 3 with the best tutor I've ever had.


Kym is awesome!! Couldn't of completed this course without her support and advice throughout as my placement was so unhelpful Kym was very understanding of this and helped me the best she could to get through it! I would recommend anyone wanting to do a level 2 course in children and young peoples workforce to study with Kym! Lovely friendly bubbly person never once made me feel uncomfortable at any of the sessions and always treated us all fairly within the group. The course has given me a great experience furthering my knowledge in childcare and child development I can't wait to start my level 3 now and get my career started, I couldn't of acheived this without kyms help (this is hoping I pass fingers crossed!) My only moan about the venue was how cold it was but other that that it's been a great experience and I'm really glad I joined the course :)



Level 2 Child and Young Peoples Workforce -Bideford 2015 

This course was fantastic. I felt I had a lot of support and I was able to contact Kym whenever I needed to which was especially helpful as there is a lot of work to complete in a short space of time.  I am glad I attended this course and I am looking forward to doing my Level 3.

I am sure that I will find the content of this course very useful in my working practice.

I have really enjoyed the course.  It has made me aware of legislation and guidelines I was previously not aware of.  It will aid me enormously in my future hopes to work with children with additional needs. 

I have enjoyed this course I have learnt a lot of information in this course that have help me in my work place.

Yay! I finished, thanks to everyone on the course for the laughs its been brilliant.  Thanks to Kym for the experiences gained, its been a great insight.  Again YAY!! 

I'm really pleased I done this course and feel more confidant in my work because of it.

I have really enjoyed this course and will feel more confident in my job now. 

I've enjoyed the course, all the content will be very helpful as well as the First Aid course that was done as well.



Level 2 Child and Young Peoples Workforce -Teignmouth 2015

Really enjoyed the course, Kym was very helpful if needed any help.

Enjoyed the course very much.  Would love to do another one with Kym. Great Teacher and motivator, really gonna miss it.

Just wanted to say big thank you to Kim for kicking my Butt and having to put up with me, Thank you Kim couldn't done it without you.

Had a lovely time on my placement, Kym gave me great feedback and encouragement which helped me along the way, she explained things very well and showed me how to believe in myself when I was unsure. Overall I have had a lovely experience and am really glad I decided to do the course. 

A big thank you to Kym for all her support and encouragement I would not have had the confidence to do my level  3 if it hadn't been for her teaching.

I really enjoyed the course, it wouldn't of been so good without Kym, Thank you.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do the course, the encouragement to keep me going and finally  completing it, have thoroughly enjoyed the course and all your teaching - Will miss you loads. Marie.

Thank you Kym you helped me pass this course.

A MASSIVE thank you for getting me through my Level 2, and for making it enjoyable too!  Looking forward to getting stuck into Level 3.  Emma xx

A massive thank you for all your help and support along the way and for amking it such an enjoyable experience.  Pagen xx

Thank you for everything you've done, with all the help, and getting me through the course. I enjoyed it very much. Will miss it.  Becky xxx



Business Admin


An informative, enjoyable and fully supported course which developed both knowledge and skills relevant to my role. It also built a strong foundation to continue onto the Level 3 and progression within my organisation.   Linzi - June 2014


Level 3 Child and Young Peoples Workforce

Having completed my level 2 child and young peoples workforce I was offered paid employment in childcare. It was therefore imperative that I went on to do my level 3 qualification.

Hele Hub took care of the registration leaving me free to begin working through the units. I have found the level 3 to be far more challenging than the level 2 but have had the support from Hele Hub as and when I've needed it. Kym has come out to my place of work and undertaken thorough observations of my work helping me to get through the units as quickly as possible as I was keen to get it completed. Meetings have been informal and fun and I have been thankful that I have had an approachable assessor who I have been able to contact at any time.

This qualification has given me a huge sense if achievement and confidence and I'm looking forward to my next one!       Emma - June 2014


Level 2 Childcare

The first aid has been a terrific qualification and has helped me a lot. This course has been a huge stepping stone and has given me a lot of "food for thought" and an insight into further course    Addy - June 2014 - Tavistock Group

I have achieved at been taken seriously and now have some temporary paid work - thank you    Shirley - June 2014 - working at Ash Water Primary School

I feel more confident in First Aid and Child development; I now want to do my level 3 and a 2 year old development course - thank you Marie.     Vikki June 2014 - - Tavistock Group

I feel more confident working in our setting and I feel I would be able to give more support to my colleagues.    Jolanta - June 2014 - Sure Start  Oakhampton

This is the first qualification I have ever gained and I ended up with a first aid certificate as well - thank you Kym for all the extra help you gave me - brilliant - I'm now looking at improving my Maths and English    Claire - June 2014 - Stone Court

I was great to have the opportunity to do this course thank you Marie & Kym.    Natasha- June 2014 - Stone Court

What I have learnt on my course has benefitted me enormously with my school work. I have gained a greater understanding of how children develop and how I can help them to develop in a practical level. First Aid was very useful.     Steve - June 2014 - Bideford Group

I have achieved in increasing confidence within my work role. I now feel more confident in conducting risk assessments at work and completing accident report forms.   Chelsea - June 2014

This course has given me the understanding to carry out safeguarding issues and this is my first ever qualification - thank you Kym for my extra help    Nick -  June 2014 - now paid employee at I Can Play - Bideford 

I have learnt how to do risk assessments and I feel a lot more confident about my first aid abilities and also completing accident report forms.    Ruth - June 2014 - Bideford Group 

This course has helped me grow in confidence and I now know more about development in children - this has been a great course.     Ryan - June 2014 - now paid Lunch Time Assistant - Bideford Group


Level 2 Playwork Course

Undertaking this course has really made a difference to the way I do things. I am more confident in just letting children play and really see the value of it!  Ian - June 2014 - from an Out of School Club in West Devon


Health & Social Care Level 2

This course has been great and all the extra help I have been given with the opportunity to sit Food Hygiene and Health and safety qualifications as well - thank you Marie.    Kelsey - June 2014 - now has a job at Mallards Nursing Home

A great course with superb support from the tutor.    Sue - June 2014 -  now doing level 3   H & S care

This course has helped me understand disabilities and Person Centred Support - it was a good course.   Stacey - June 2014


Level 3 Health & Social Care

I have finally had the opportunity to gain this qualification - this has given me a greater understanding about Safeguarding and dementia and I had great support from the team - thank you.   Sue - June 2014

This course has underpinned my knowledge and given me an up to date qualification for the work I was already doing -it has given me a greater understanding of working with families with a disability - thank you.   Marie - June 2014


Level 3 Childcare

This course helped me to gain a greater understanding of the principles of child development and underpin the work I was already doing. This has helped me enormously and feel I can carry out observations and sort out childrens activities - it was great to do two together thank you Kym and Marie for all you help.    Chelsea - June 2014

This course is one of the first qualifications I have gained - it has helped me to understand development and creativity when working with disabilities - thank you.  Dan - June 2014


Historic Feedback

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